世界上最有钱的国家 全球十大最富有国家:美国倒数第二!

  Countries (cities) are considered rich if their citizens earn enough money to support their daily needs. We have provided the top 10 richest nations in the world. These countries have the highest GDP per capita, measured and calculated in international dollars. Many things such as the output value, income value, and expenditure value are all taken into consideration when it comes to ranking.


  10. Australia


  Some may wonder why Australia is so rich because of it’s large deserts and land. Although Australia has many vast lands, they are rich in minerals which they provide other countries with through trading. They are also very high in food production, therefore giving and sharing with other nations as well. Their education is excellent, providing bigger job opportunities among a smaller population, giving higher living conditions and standards. Their GDP is ranked at 46,550.


  9. The United States of America


  The United States of America is definitely on the list of rich nations, but it is not as high as some might expect. It is one of the top financial nations worldwide with the largest manufacturers. America is best known for its rich exports, including technology, weapons, and many other services and products. Despite its many natural calamities and political issues that shake its economy, it is still one of the most powerful countries in the world with their GDP ranked at 54,370.


  8. Hong Kong


  Hong Kong is on the southern coast of China. It is among the leading financial destinations of investors not only in Asia, but as well as in the world. Hong Kong is one of the most expensive cities to live in Asia. The defense services of Hong Kong is provided by China and it has its own currency. Their estimated GDP is 55,097.


  7湖北治癫痫病的专业医院. Switzerland


  One of the richest nations in Europe and one of the most prosperous countries in the world is Switzerland. What makes Switzerland one of the wealthiest countries is its many extensive sources of income. Switzerland has made much of its income from tourism, agriculture, and banking. It is also the leading maker and exporter of watches. Their estimated GDP is 58,149.


  6. The United Arab Emirates


  The United Arab Emirates is considered one of the richest Arab nations due to its GDP as well as being the third-largest in the Middle East. The country has 7 independent Emirates that are ruled by their own monarchs. Many sources of this wealthy nation’s income includes dried fish, dates, and especially its natural gas and oil exports. Their GDP is rated at 66,347.


  5. Kuwait


  Kuwait is a beautiful country that became very rich in a short p浙江医院哪家治疗癫痫靠谱eriod of time. Thanks to their abundant resources of oil, Kuwait now lives in luxury. Their country is also very small, and with their smaller population brings better jobs and richer standards. Their GDP is marked at 70,686.


  4. Brunei Darussalam


  Brunei Darussalam is one of Southeast Asia’s richest nations. It has generated its great revenue and income from its export of natural gas and crude oil. With revenues coming from petroleum, it adds at least 90 percent to the country’s GDP. Brunei is the least populated with less then 500,00 people in the country. Their GDP is 79,890.


  3. Singapore


  Singapore is a country in Asia that is also considered one of the richest countries. Singapore is considered an island country that consists of 63 islands with a small primarily Buddhist population of 5.5 million. Their GDP is ranked at 83,066.


  2. Luxembourg


  Luxembourg is among some of the most prosperous countries in Europe. It is recognized as a tax heaven and a destination for many billionaires due to the fact that they can free themselves of expensive taxes in their native country. Luxembourg’s two main sources of income include telecommunication and their steel industry. Luxembourg’s GDP is marked at 97, 639.


  1. Qatar


  Qatar is found in the Middle East Asia and is a peninsula located in the Persian Gulf. It has less than 2 million residents. Qatar is without a doubt the richest country in world. Many sources of income include tourism and its rich banking system. But primarily the country depends on petroleum and has contributed to 85 percent of its export earnings. Their GPD is off the charts, marked at 137,162, which is a 39,523 difference from Luxembourg.